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If we misdiagnose a problem then we will seek a solution that is misguided.

When it comes to our health and wellness this is exactly what we have done. The determining causes of illness and disease often have been mislabeled by those whose own interest are being served. We have been obliterated with information claiming that poor nutrition, age, gravity, and genetics are chiefly responsible for our decline. While these forces do affect us they are only minor influences in our lives. The chief insults to our body actually are stress, repression of emotions, and physical trauma. Why spend 100% of your effort only focusing on 10% of the problem?

With this information in mind, I have created a healing formula that goes right to the heart of the problem. This formula is the Five Pillars of Healing. These pillars are the following;

     • Expansive Movement
     • Process Work
     • Bodywork
     • Breath Work
     • Addiction Recovery

When incorporated into our lives this formula becomes the foundation for health and wellness.

Expansive Movement
Most of us were taught to move in a manner that is contractive in nature. We tighten and harden in our movement. We are also more prone to move from a place of fear, which tightens and hardens us even more. This can be seen in the amount of sports and competition in our culture. A body that moves from fear moves in a contractive pattern.

Expansive movement begins to break us away from the chains that pull our bodies tighter. With expansive movement we begin to reverse the affects of stress, which tends to tighten us up. We do not have to harden and stiffen as we age; but we do have to practice movement that fosters freedom of motion.

Process Work
We all have a story to tell. What is your story? How does this story follow you around each and every day? How does this story reside within your body? Car accidents, falls off skateboards, and slips on icy sidewalks do not just go away. Years later these incursions may be very much alive in your body.

The patterns that we were raised with and the beliefs that we have about ourselves help to create who we are. Every conflict from the past that is unresolved comes to affect our behavior in the present.

Process work begins to unravel the story that we all tell ourselves each day. We begin to see how our family of origin has helped to shape our beliefs. Once this story comes to light then we have more choices in our behavior.

Muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons all require nurturing and maintenance in order to be healthy. Bodywork begins to address our physical body, removing adhesions and long held stiffness.

Bodywork could entail many different types of modalities. Some of these might include Swedish massage or foot Reflexology. Something light and energetic like Cranial Sacral or energy work could also be utilized. There are many systems of the body. Bodywork begins to affect one or many of these different body systems.

Breath Work
When was the last time that you took a deep breath? When was the last time that you were taught how to breathe? Breath work begins to address a very simple but important body system. Shallow breathing often leads to other health complications.

Full breathing begins to bring aliveness and energy to the body. Cells are better oxygenated and the skin is refreshed. Energy levels are enhanced and greater wellness is the result.

Addiction Recovery
Addictions are a way that we chose not to feel. Whether an addiction is a substance, thought, emotion, behavior, or another person, it does not matter. We choose addictions to numb out.

The current belief about addictions is stone-age thinking. Our genetics or family history are not the real culprits. We all choose our own addictions based on the values and beliefs that we each have. We choose our own addictions to numb out painful emotions that we do not want to feel.

Recovery of addictions begins to place our feelings in a more prominent role than our addictions. We can either have our feelings or our addictions but we cannot have both. Unfortunately, the present thinking towards addictions does not place enough emphasis on self-responsibility. Instead, this present 12 Step system teaches “Control” and not “Recovery”. While control may be a step in the right direction it is certainly not Recovery.

The Five Pillars of Healing is a radical new step in a radical new direction. The current model of health is not working and only serves those whose interest is at stake. Incorporating these five pillars into your life becomes the foundation for greater health and wellness.

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