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How much should a yoga class cost?

The average price of attending a yoga class is either the same or less than it was twenty years ago. As the cost of living for most items has risen between 200% and 300% in those twenty years, shouldn’t yoga teachers be making much more money than they actually are and shouldn’t students be paying substantially more for classes?

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Do you really know the inside life of the yoga professional?

Follow this in-depth article published in the national online journal YogiTimes to discover what yoga teachers go through in their work life and their finances. You might be shocked to learn the truth.

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Jon Burras appears on 94.7 The Wave Radio with Pat Prescott and Kim Amidon

In this radio interview, Jon talks about the Five Pillars of Healing from his recently released book, Return to Nature: The Five Pillars of Healing. The pillars of healing that Jon discusses are the following:

1) Recovery of the Mind
2) Recovery of the Breath
3) Recovery of our Movement
4) Recovery through Bodywork
5) Recovery from Addictions

This unique system bypasses the “scientification” of our world and takes us into the laws of nature. In this interview Jon redefines what an addiction is and shows the listeners the path to wellness. He places special importance on the role of emotions in healing and learning to be well.

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A back does not just "Go Out"

Back pain is no fun. If you have ever experienced any sort of back pain then you know how debilitating it can be. You will do almost anything to make the pain go away. Unfortunately, the Western mechanistic approach to back pain not only creates a misdiagnosis to this condition, it most often mistreats it. Discover the truth about back pain here and learn the proper ways to heal from it.

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Is Alcoholism a Disease?

The current model on alcoholism and addictions is decades old. Based on a scientific undercurrent, we have been blaming our biology for our addictive nature. Is it not time to update our mythologies? I have written a new article that has just been posted on a newsletter called Here I outline this new model on alcoholism and addictions in general.

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Jon Burras Appears on KTLK Radio Show (January 9,2010)

Along with Monica Bloom, an Ayurvedic practitioner, Jon Burras appears on "A Call to Consciousness" to discuss his many leading-edge ideas about health and wellness. Jon is interviewed by the host, Brian D. McClure, in a half-hour segment. Jon speaks about many of the ideas in his upcoming book called Return to Nature: The Five Pillars of Healing. He discusses many brilliant ideas, such as "why bodywork and massage are important in healthy aging" as well as "the difference between health and fitness." These topics, along with many others, will invite you into this most interesting discussion that will leave you wanting for more. Click this link to listen.